Hi, my name is Lana and I love sex. I crave sex. Men and women, I enjoy them both. I’m a self-confessed bisexual nymphomaniac and I’m proud to announce it. The only problem I seem to have is spelling the damn word!

On my 30th birthday I abandoned my boring life in London, my even more boring job and my exceedingly boring boyfriend and ran away to Paris. Without a doubt the best thing I ever did. My life has changed beyond my wildest dreams and I have never been happier.

I now live a life of total debaucherous liberation in Pigalle, Paris. My book Memoirs of Lana Treat – Nymphomaniac, which is available on Kindle, will give you a horny insight into my escapades in Paris so far, all of the laughs, loves and licks told in deliciously graphic detail.

You can purchase my book on Kindle by clicking here.